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Black Alkaline Drink - 250ml

Essential Minerals | 8+ pH Alkaline | Clinically Proven Benefits

0 Caffeine, 0 Carbs, 0 Calories, 0 Sugar

Evocus is Black Alkaline Drink infused with essential minerals as compared to regular RO water which is demineralised. Evocus alkaline drink features 8+ Alkaline pH & electrolytes. An appetizing beverage that is more than water. Evocus black drink is a go-to drink in your wellness journey.

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  • About Evocus Black Alkaline Drink

    Evocus Black Alkaline Drink is infused with essential minerals, as compared to regular RO water which is demineralised. This alkaline drink is also proud to be a ZERO contributor to your glucose, carbohydrate and calorie intake.

  • Minerals + Electrolytes + Water

    Evocus Black Alkaline Water Drink is loaded with

    • Essential minerals
    • Loaded with electrolytes
    • With a pH level of 8+ this alkaline black water drink is more than water.

    Why Evocus is Black in Color?

    The black color of this hydration drink is due to the essential minerals sourced from the earth’s crust, from a rare deposit in Texas, USA. When these minerals are infused in water, it turns the water naturally black and naturally alkaline.

  • Clinically Proven Benefits of Evocus Black Alkaline Drink

    • Superior and sustained hydration 
    • Reduction of acidity 
    • Improved Detoxification 
    • Advanced Gut Health 
    • Better digestive health 
    • Helps with lean muscle mass
    • Minimizes fatigue
    • Boosts energy and physical fitness
    • Boosted immunity 
    • Better sleep quality and more 

    The benefits of this alkaline drink are endless, proving that Evocus Black alkaline drink is good for health.

  • What is Evocus Black Alkaline Drink?

    EVOCUS Black Alkaline Drink is alkaline water infused with essential minerals and has an alkaline pH of 8+

    How is Evocus Black Drink made? How is it black in color?

    The essential minerals are sourced from the earth's crust, from a rare deposit in Texas, USA. These minerals are naturally black in color. When infused in water, the water turns naturally black & naturally alkaline.

    What Are the Benefits of Drinking Evocus Black Alkaline Drink?

    Evocus Black Alkaline Drink has numerous clinically proven benefits. It helps in reducing acidity by reducing body acids and balancing body pH. It provides you with superior hydration, hydrates you faster, and keeps you hydrated for a longer period of time).

    • 4x Hydration than regular water
    • Reduced Acidity
    • Helps with lean muscle mass
    • Improved Digestive Health
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Gut health improved by more than 30%
    • Improved Detoxification
    • Boosts Energy and Physical Fitness
    • Improves sleep quality by 55%
    • Boosts immunity

    Is Evocus Black Alkaline Drink Safe for Consumption?

    Yes, black alkaline drink is safe for consumption. It is backed by science with clinically proven benefits.

    Are There Any Side Effects of Drinking Evocus Black Alkaline Drink?

    There are no side effects of drinking black alkaline drink.

    Does Evocus Black Alkaline Drink Help in Balancing Body's pH Levels?

    Evocus Black Alkaline Drink has an alkaline pH of around 8.5 which helps in neutralising the body acid and balancing the body’s pH levels. It helps in reducing acidity, acid reflux, or bloating.

    Is it EVOCUS Natural? OR Are there any added additives in evocus Black Water Drink?

    It is 100% natural with no added color, sugar, or chemicals. Just minerals + water. Nothing else.

    Why should I buy EVOCUS?

    Apart from its numerous benefits, clinically proven benefits, and alkaline properties, Evocus is your feel-good factor, health signature, style statement, and game-changing water with a difference– all in one bottle.

    Is it safe for infants?

    We recommend you discuss with your doctor before consumption.

    Is it safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers?

    We recommend you discuss with your doctor before consumption.

    Can we use EVOCUS Black Alkaline Drink for cooking?

    Yes, one can use Evocus for cooking as long as the temperature stays under 300 Celsius (572 Fahrenheit). This is another way to infuse needed minerals into foods and beverages.

    How to store the product?

    Please store the product in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. If the storage conditions are not met, the product may get spoilt and is not advisable for consumption.

    If the received product gets spoiled for not meeting the storage conditions during the transit, then we will accept and replace it without any additional cost or questions.

    To claim your product exchange, kindly email or WhatsApp us the pictures and videos of the spoilt/contaminated product to or +918999000000.

    Is EVOCUS available at my location?

    Evocus is available all over India at all the locations. Delivery in 3-5 business days.

    Can I channelize my inner mixologist with EVOCUS Black Alkaline Drink?

    Well, we don't drink and say, but here is a secret to less hangovers for a wild weekend quest. It is best paired with Whiskey. Craft exquisite cocktails, create refreshing mocktails, or infuse it into your culinary masterpieces, evocus is all yours for the night! ;)

    How much black alkaline water is too much?

    2-3 bottles of 500ml Evocus Black Alkaline Drink is enough for superior hydration and other benefits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Naman Singh Rawat
Currently obsessed with black water glass bottle

I didn't know they had glass bottle also available. And now it is my go-to bottle to have at gym.

Aman Vedwal
Helped me for bloating after long working hours

I tried this evocus black water as i saw it with some of my friends, i work long hours and sometimes tend to miss my meals. So to stop the acidity and bloating I tried this alkaline water and it actually works. I have been recommending it to many of my friends in the office, thought to share here as well.good day!

Pooja Sharma
Recommended for weight loss

Initially I was reluctant to drink the water but my nutritionist have been recommending me to try this as I have been working on my weight loss journey and now black water has become a part of my diet and weight loss journey for good detoxification.

Lakshmi Priya
Seems fine

I have recently started drinking it, all these favourite celebs were carrying it. Plus anything black goes with my aesthetic.

Neha Kapoor
Great for acidity

Wow.. I didn’t know water can reduce acidity.. good innovation.