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Still water l Alkaline pH 8+ - 500ml

Alkaline Water | 8+ pH Alkaline | Crafted Premium Water | Mineral Water with Electrolytes | 24 bottles

0 Calories, 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, 0 Caffeine

Revitalize your active lifestyle with Evocus Alkaline Mineral Water Drink. Packed with essential electrolytes and minerals, it offers a refreshing taste. With an alkaline pH of 8+, it reduces acidity, sustains hydration, and supports detoxification. Elevate your hydration game with Evocus today! Suitable for active lifestyle!

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  • About Evocus still water l Alkaline pH 8+

    A new-age, carefully crafted water, which is a unique blend of enhanced minerals and alkaline water - Evocus presents to you Clear Water with alkaline pH of 8+. This water is alkaline, loaded with essential minerals and is also HACCP, GMP, ISO & BRC certified.

  • Minerals + Electrolytes + Alkaline pH

    Evocus Clear alkaline mineral water drink is enriched with alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium. This alkaline mineral water drink has shaped a new standard of purity with a pH level of 8+ and a TDS of 290. 

  • Benefits of Evocus Alkaline Mineral Water Drink

    The benefits of this clear alkaline mineral water drink make it suitable for an active lifestyle. 

    • Superior Hydration 
    • Better detoxification 
    • Reduction of acidity 
  • What is Alkaline Mineral Water Drink?

    Evocus alkaline mineral water is a new age carefully crafted water. A unique blend of enhanced minerals and alkaline water.

    How Does Alkaline Mineral Water Drink Differ from Regular Water?

    It is a powerhouse of minerals and electrolytes, with an alkaline pH of 8+. Suitable for active lifestyle.

    What Are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Mineral Water Drink?

    Evocus Alkaline Water drink is premium water that provides superior hydration, better detoxification, and reduces acidity.

    Who should not Consume Alkaline Mineral Water Drink ?

    Are There Any Side Effects of Drinking Alkaline Mineral Water Drink?

    There are no side effects of drinking black alkaline water drink.

    Does Alkaline Mineral Water Drink Have Electrolytes?

    Evocus Alkaline Mineral Water Drink is packed with electrolytes and minerals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Saroj Grewal

Best for acidity

Aditya Rawat
Glass bottle is the best variant

I like the glass bottle too looks really nice and good for repurposing in my fridge.

Vasu Patel
Mineralss and healthy water

My days get hectic, and a lot of times, I don't eat my meals at correct times. On my fitness journey, I’ve realised how important minerals are and that is when I discovered Evocus Alkaline water. I am so, so happy that I’ve found a drink that gives my body the minerals I know it needs.

Sonam Pama
Alkaline water is good for acidity in stomach

Alkaline water was suggested by my nutritionist as i have acidity issues..tried this for the first time.. saw changes after 5 bottles.

Harsh Gupta
Better and healthy choice

It has more refreshing taste than RO water. Also I want my water to have minerals. So it serves the purpose.