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At Evocus, we believe hydration is more than just drinking water—it's about replenishing your body with essential minerals and electrolytes. Our product range black alkaline water drink, alkaline mineral water, Hydration IV, an electrolyte drink mix, and natural mineral water are carefully crafted to optimize your hydration needs.

What truly distinguishes us is our dedication to delivering a clean and pure hydration experience. Unlike other players in the market, our products are free from caffeine,  additives, preservatives, toxins, and artificial colors or sweeteners. With Evocus, you can trust that every sip is refreshing and nourishing.

We understand the importance of on-the-go hydration, especially for athletes, health enthusiasts, and those seeking wellness. Our convenient packaging and portable formats ensure that you can stay hydrated wherever you are. Whether you're hitting the gym, on a busy workday, or exploring the outdoors, Evocus is your reliable hydration companion.

By choosing Evocus, you embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes your well-being. Our products are meticulously designed to support your hydration needs while promoting overall health and vitality. We believe in empowering our consumers to make conscious choices that enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Experience the difference with Evocus, the brand that leads the way in revolutionary hydration. Join us on a journey that combines innovation, purity, and convenience for a truly elevated hydration experience. Elevate your hydration game with Evocus and unlock your true potential. Hydration has never been this extraordinary!

Welcome aboard Advanced Hydration!


In 2016, Aakash Vaghela, a graduate of Regent's University, London, came across an article on the benefits of alkaline water. Then, managing Emerald Group, a real estate company, he was curious. His research led him to realize that the bottled alkaline water market in India hardly had any players.


We are committed to providing a healthy alternative that sets us apart from the competition. We believe that hydration is the key to a healthy lifestyle, catalyzed by wellness. We aim to deliver unprecedented hydration experiences and strive to create a community that works together, towards a healthier lifestyle.
Evocus has provided a hydration solution that is innovative and efficient. Through this, our objective is to continue to redefine hydration in unprecedented ways. 

We envision a future where wellness and vitality become integral parts of every individual's journey. Through meticulous efforts, we strive to deliver superior hydration and a healthier alkaline lifestyle. The Evocus community aims to inspire individuals worldwide to embrace a nourishing and healthy way of living.

At Evocus, we aspire to create a global movement, a hydration revolution to evoke a lifestyle shift.


The company has invested in cutting edge product research and has setup a state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing cum bottling plant spread across 50,000 sq feet. The facility is well equipped with the world’s leading blowing and filling machines that require zero human intervention. It has built a secure zone pharmaceutical grade infrastructure which is armed with a completely germ & particles controlled atmosphere, an HVAC air conditioning system and a clean room of Class-100,000 air quality