Treating Water with
Greater Care

Earth is 1/3rd water. Humans are over 2/3rd water. What we do with the water on earth, affects what we do to ourselves.

Water is life –fundamental to us humans and indeed, to life as a whole. Life on this planet started in water, and even today water continues to be critical for sustaining life. But water access is under pressure. In the coming decades, water crisis is one of the greatest concerns and risk to all life – especially ours.

According to the World Economic Forum, water crises have been among the top five global risks in terms of impact in each of the last four years

As a responsible water brand, we at EVOCUS are actively pursuing “Water Stewardship”.

Water Stewardship is good for the planet, good for people, and good for business

Water stewardship is the use and treatment of water in ways that are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial. As a responsible corporate, it is a central aim for us to manage water responsibly through multiple water conservation CSR programs.

By being more acutely attuned to the water needs of communities, we are contributing and doing our bit to solve the water issues of our neighbouring communities.

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