The Black Water.

Exceptional. Exhilarating. Extraordinary.

It is time to change the way you approach wellness and the way you care for your well-being. It is time to change the way you live with black H2O.
Every EVOCUS bottle is packed with completely natural electrolytes and minerals that help detoxify your body.

“EVOCUS” is black because it is alkaline water enriched with 100% organic minerals, sourced from the depths of the earth.

These composites are a major source of key electrolytes. These minerals are found in nature as a product of microbial metabolism processes and helps our body perform to its optimum by helping it revitalize and rejuvenate faster.

The unique thing about these minerals is that they are able to easily pass through cellular membranes, allowing complete absorption, and in the process boosting assimilation of other nutrients or supplements.

That is why every sip of EVOCUS is loaded with zing, health and exhilaration; helping you stay ahead in the race.

EVOCUS is alkaline water enriched with 70+ minerals with a pH of 8.5+

Black is more than a colour. Black is sporty. Black is chic.
Black is classy. Black is pure.

Water for the
New Global Generation

The world is a land of many colours. Many shades. Many tastes. And, what do you get when you mix all the colours? A strong, powerful and passionate BLACK! Well, that is EVOCUS!

EVOCUS is a new kind of water for the next generation. It is a 100% natural, revolutionary, new-age, alkaline bottled water, that gets its unique black colour from 70+ organic minerals sourced from the depth of the Earth.

It is all set to fuel a new wave of well-being; that will change the way the world drinks water.

The lifestyle of a bold new world is changing. It is one being constantly ‘On’ – more adventurous, more energetic and healthier.


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