It might be the fag end of summer, but there’s no respite from the sweltering heat. As the rainy season slowly sets in, the rising levels of humidity in the air make us feel as if we are melting. Since our body needs to work harder now to cool down, we must focus on keeping ourselves hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses or 3-4 litres of water daily to ensure proper hydration and avoid the risk of heat exhaustion. While regular water will quench your thirst, it cannot possibly cater to your increased hydration needs. That’s why it is necessary to switch to Evocus Black Alkaline Drink, especially during hot and sultry months. 

This revolutionary beverage packs a variety of essential minerals that helps in restoring energy and making us feel revived again. And, it tastes just like plain water, so you won’t have to upset your taste buds. Here’s how Evocus helps you beat the heat, that too in style. 

Superior hydration, the same satisfaction

Since we tend to sweat excessively in this kind of weather, we must take adequate steps to replenish the fluids and electrolytes the body has lost. Evocus Black Alkaline Drink has smaller molecules than plain water, which allows for easier and faster absorption in the cells. This means you get better hydration with Evocus by drinking the same amount. The best thing about this drink is that it tastes the same as normal water. 

More minerals

Evocus Black Alkaline Drink is enriched with 70+ miracle minerals including iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and more. Sourced naturally from the earth’s deep crust, these minerals are vital for keeping our bones, muscles, heart and brain healthy and in great working condition. It is widely believed that drinking alkaline water daily along with a nutritious diet help meet our body’s mineral requirements. 

Get rid of bloating

Poor digestion is a common problem we face during the summer months. The blistering heat can have an adverse effect on your body’s metabolism power, leading to poor digestion, uneasiness and uncomfortable symptoms like bloating or flatulence. With Evocus, you can say bye to all these problems and enjoy a scrumptious meal without any worries. The alkaline drink contains a high pH level of 8+, which helps absorb all the excess acid in our digestive system, promotes the growth of good gut bacteria and improves digestion. 

Stay energized all-day

Soaring temperature combined with high humidity can take a toll on our overall health making us feel fatigued, weary and drowsy. Hence, it’s natural to feel demotivated and lack enthusiasm for exercise or any other physical activity. If you replace your regular water with Evocus Black Alkaline Drink, you will not get dehydrated and your energy levels will stay high no matter how rigorous your workout routine is. 

Evocus Black Alkaline Drink is synonymous with superior hydration, and it is a must add to your life in summers. So go ahead and make the switch today to become a better, healthier and more refreshing version of yourself. Keep cool with Evocus!