We all admire celebrities. We want to imitate their lifestyle, wear the same clothes they are donning, and follow the same diets they swear by. But, seldom do we research their preferred beverages. Did you know celebrities like Tapsee Pannu, Tiger Shroff, Neha Dhupia, Hardik Pandya and Sania Mirza love to consume Evocus Black Alkaline Drink? Well-known for their dedication towards fitness, these B-Towners and sports personalities have replaced regular water with this special drink to not keep their health in tip-top shape but also maintain their perfect physique. If you are curious to know why Evocus has become the perfect fitness partner of your favourite celeb, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will tell you the endless benefits of this miracle drink. 

100% natural!

Evocus Black Alkaline Drink is 100% natural and packs 70+ minerals that are sourced from the deep depths of the earth in Texas, the US. It gets its black hue from the infusion of these minerals and contains no artificial colours. Since Evocus Alkaline Drink tastes just like routine water, it can be used for drinking or cooking to yield the benefits of these minerals without compromising on taste. 

Promotes weight loss

Celebrities stick to strict diet regimes to stay in shape. They are extremely particular about the food and beverages they consume on a daily basis. While the regular energy drinks available in the market often contain high levels of sugar, the Evocus Black Alkaline drink is completely sugar-free and doesn’t have any calories. So, you can just chug it down without worrying about gaining weight. 

Provides superior hydration 

Celebrities tend to spend hours at the gym doing rigorous exercises. That’s why they need to stay hydrated at all times. Regular water cannot meet their hydration needs because the body takes longer to absorb its molecules. Evocus Black Alkaline Drink has smaller molecules which make the absorption process easier as well as faster. With this drink, you can enjoy superior hydration no matter how strenuous your workout session is. 

Improves digestive health

A diet filled with greasy, fried food along with a lack of hydration can have an adverse effect on your digestive health. Consequently, you can experience uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, flatulence and acid reflux. Drinking regular water will not help in this situation and can even make you feel nauseous. Evocus Black Alkaline Drink, on the other hand, can alleviate those symptoms by soaking the excess acid in your system. This is because it has a pH level of 8+, which is significantly higher than plain water. 

Boosts gut health

Our overall well-being is heavily reliant on our gut health. The alkaline nature of Evocus not only helps in absorbing extra acid secretions in the digestive system, but also promotes the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. This results in better gut health, and ultimately helps us live a fitter life. Moreover, this alkaline drink prevents free radicals in the body which cause cell damage. 

Adopting a similar lifestyle to that of celebrities requires making long-term and short-term healthy changes to your diet. But, make sure these changes are not just limited to the food, as the kind of drinks you consume can make a huge impact on your overall health. Switch to Evocus Black Alkaline Drink today!